Cody & Charity Hamm

Cody Hamm

Hamm Family Ministries is an evangelistic ministry reaching the world through music, song, and preaching. This ministry began many years ago when Cody’s brother Zach started singing and sharing his amazing testimony of not being able to talk. Since then we have traveled the nation to participate in all types of events sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cody announced his call to preach in 2012 and started singing nearly 21 years ago. Cody plays guitar, piano, organ, and drums.
In 2021 we received the honor to begin working with Godsey Media and Singing News. Since this moment we have been able to participate in events such as the Ark Encounter, Singing In The Sun, Graceland, and much more!
In 2023, Charity joined the team through marrying Cody and we are thrilled to have her talents on board. Charity has been raised in church all her life and sung with her family since she was a little girl. We are honored to have her and excited for you to meet her. 
In conclusion, our main priority is to win this world to Christ. To be a ministry reaching the people and helping those in need. We would be honored to come to your location and work for God.