Megan Green


Keeping Literary Classics
n the Fold

 Do you have a book lover in your life? You’re a bookworm yourself? Be sure to stop by and shop Lily Lue Designs! Megan Green, the owner and creator behind Lily Lue Designs (with lots of help and inspiration from her Husband Chris and daughter Lily), is a full-time paper artist living in NE Ohio her whole life.

 She started her adventure about 5 years ago when she taught herself how to do book folding, and it just evolved from there. She upcycles old books that we’ve all grown up to love, and creates unique, one of a kind home décor and jewelry pieces that are sure to go straight to a book lovers heart. All her pieces are made using actual book pages (no copies!) from vintage books, sheet music and comic books, and you can quickly see the care and love she puts in to every piece. From a bracelet made using your childhood favorites like “Where the Wild Things Are”, or “Oh The Places You’ll Go”, to a wreath made from “Harry Potter” or “Cat in the Hat”, and even ornaments with book pages from books that will spark all the best memories for you and yours, you’re sure to find something for every special person on your list!

 You can find Megan set up in space #60, as well as at, or at Make sure to stop by and say hello while you’re shopping at Christmas In The Woods this year!


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