Kim Salvati


A Medicine Background Becomes The Root of Healing Herbs

 Crooked Creek Herbals LLC was a dream planted long ago, unknowingly, for proprietor Kim Salvati. A background in conventional medicine and a love for God and His creation, is what led her on a path to start studying and learning about herbs and their amazing benefits. Kim never expected to become an entrepreneur. Crooked Creek Herbals became a reality after she made her first tea blend “Friends” to give as gifts, and from one tea blend to the next her business blossomed adding several new blends each year that now total over 40 available to be enjoyed!  (A cup of tea or a tisane is the simplest and easiest way to enjoy all the goodness God infused into each plant. The word “tisane” is the proper term for an herbal infusion or an herbal tea.) Kim expanded her product line adding herbal salves, a few body items, and finally elderberry products that include syrup and jelly, and the delicious elderberry lemonade she sells at the farmer markets she attends in the summer months. Elderberry is one of Kim’s favorites and the dried berries are included in many of her tea blends. Kim researches and applies her knowledge to create her recipes for her products using traditional folk methods where nothing is exact in measurement until the final recipe meets her expectations and then is recorded for future use. So, when Kim isn’t at an event you will often find her experimenting, creating, or learning.

 The Crooked Creek Herbals logo is all about family. Kim and her husband Bob live in a log cabin built by Bob, and the pine tree represents what is lovingly considered their “family tree”.  The company name comes from the incredibly crooked creek that crosses their place discovered by their daughters when they first moved to their property, and way back then Kim knew she’d use those two words for something someday not realizing it would be her own business. 

 Agreeing with what Paracelsus (1493-1541) once stated “All that man needs for heath & healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.” Kim believes God has given us everything we need. He has given us the blessing of modern medicine, but she also believes that we need to embrace His creation and all the wonderful, natural resources He has placed within it for our use “for such a time as this”.  (Esther  4:14) 

 Follow Crooked Creek Herbals on FaceBook and InstaGram to keep up to date on events where Kim will be with her products and when new products are introduced, along with other CCH news. You may also place orders thru her online store @ Make sure you stop by and see Kim at booth #150. And as always…Enjoy & Be Blessed!

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