Jason Slattery and Michael Baum


Tie-Dye Production Flourishes with a
Colorful Hands-On Approach 

JAM DYE STUDIO has its roots in Athens County, Ohio and is sustained by a 15 year partnership formed by the combined efforts of Jason Slattery and Michael Baum, the J and M of JAM. The studio is located in the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio and has evolved from the shared experiences of these two men working as part of a production tie dye business. The goals of our enterprise is to enrich the color experience by enhancing popular clothing and accessories that are appealing, functional, and distinctly colorful while marketing them with excellent customer service.
We continue to pursue these goals by not only hand folding and dyeing classic American tie-dye designs, but through exploring a variety of hand pleating techniques, color crafting ways to make appealing and diverse color relationship, and finishing procedures that produce color endurance and brightness. This hands-on approach to experimentation results in specialty designs such as hearts, flags, shamrocks, stars pumpkins,  Christmas trees, and others. Our customer service is reflected in the satisfied returning customers that visit our craft booth each year at the many art and craft shows we do consistently in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, and Florida. We are grateful for our many supportive customers and those relationships we have forged over these past years.
We’re excited for our first year at Christmas in the Woods, stop by booth #168.


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