Anthony DePasquale


Former Truck Driver Takes a Detour to Décor

I had worked for a large well know trucking company for the last 9 years running double trailers up and down the highway. Midnights was rough, I was always tired and I never had any time with my family. So last year, December 9, I took a voluntary layoff because my work had slowed down. I was watching YouTube videos and I told my wife I can do that. It started with resin jewelry and really it was not what I was hoping for. So I went back to watching YouTube videos and  my wife and I decided to try and make trays, boards and home décor with wood, resin and dried flowers...they were a hit. 

Fast forward today, I make home décor items including: cutting boards, charcuterie boards, serving trays and many other items. And that is when DePasquale Creations was born. Seven crafts shows later and I really love our products  and enjoy making each and every one. 
The process is the same for all my pieces, I mix a 2 part epoxy part A and part B for 4 to 5 minutes. I pour a thin layer of resin and the arrange my dried pressed flowers in the pattern that I happy with. I will let that sit for a day and then pour my final layer of resin to encapsulate all the flowers from the day before. I follow up with plaining and sanding my pieces. I love the process but I love the final product and the smile on my customers faces. Each item is unique and there isn’t another one like it. 
Come see us at booth #68 at Christmas in the Woods. Me and my beautiful wife will be happy to meet you!


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