Trish Gallatin


My name is Trish Gallatin and I’m Shananigens In Leather, which was created to fill a need. We wanted to go to the Renaissance festivals dressing  the part. So being creative, we decided to make our own leather goods. Shannon (whose nickname is Shananigens) took some lessons at the local Tandy Leather Store, and then taught me. As we got better and better at tooling leather, friends began clamoring for us to make things for them. It snowballed from there and Shananigens In Leather came to life. Due to my husband’s demanding work schedule, most of the work is now done by me.

I can’t begin to express the joy that creating these functional works of art bring to me ... to start with a side of leather—a blank canvas really—and with my own hands, cut, tool, dye, sew and finish something like a journal ... fills a space inside me with happiness. The following scenario occurs frequently:  a young woman will enter my booth, see a journal or a Steampunk teacup holster, usually lets out a squeal or a reverent “Ohhhhhhh,” then gathers it and clutches it to her chest with eyes gleaming.  Sometimes not even letting it go so it can be placed in a bag. Men and women alike enter the booth and comment on how good it smells and how it reminds them of their Dad and the jackets he wore or the barn where they rode horses as a child. This makes me want to create even more.

Each piece I make comes from my love of nature, fantasy and pop culture. Every time inspiration hits me and I come up with a new design, I can’t wait to get started, bring it to life and share it with others.