Mark & Melanie Bachman

Right From Our 4th Generation Dairy Farm

God’s Country Creamery is operated by the Bachman and Peangatelli families. Mark, Melanie, Rachel, Eric and Hannah comprise our family-owned and operated dairy farm and creamery that is dedicated to quality, hand-made artisan cheeses. Our operation is nestled in the peaceful Potter County hills of northern Pennsylvania where Mark was born and raised.  By growing our own crops, keeping the milking cows clean and comfortable, and making top quality cheese, we strive to create an excellent product from start to finish.

We are a fourth generation dairy farm and are in our 10th year of making cheese. We started making cheese with the kids’ 4-H animals in 2008. We wanted to give the best care to our cows because they truly are part of the family and also to find a way to be profitable in the agriculture industries. This led to making cheese! 

All our cheeses (12 now!) are made right on the farm from all-natural, clean raw milk, free from artificial growth hormones. The mountain spring water and lush green grass-based diet our cows enjoy on the farm give the milk a delicious, fresh, sweet flavor.

We love to work with our family of cows. The joy of dairy farming runs deep in our blood, and we are living our dream of producing quality milk and marketing our products straight from the farm. We started going to a number of festivals and shows in 2015 after Eric and Hannah were married in order to increase revenue. We also wanted to be able to see the enjoyment that our products bring to people and eliminate the middleman. We sample our products, talk to our customers, and help bridge the gap between farmer and consumer. We hand-craft with pride from our herd to your home, and we want to continue to do that. We want to thank YOU, our consumers, because without you, we would not be able to do what we love! Thank you!